6 Reasons It’s Usually Better to Hire a Plumber

You’re handy, right? Good at figuring things out on your own, useful with a set of tools, an expert in the art of DIY? If that’s the case, way to be—every house could use a man like you! And when it comes to fixing problems like a running toilet or a clogged drain, you’re more than equipped to deal with the issue.

However, there are certain plumbing issues you probably shouldn’t try to tackle on your own. Here are six reasons why it’s usually best to pick up the phone and give your local plumber a call when you encounter plumbing issues.

1. Get the full diagnosis

With plumbing problems, often the symptoms you’ll notice are indicative of a much deeper underlying problem—one that you’d be unable to identify, but that a professional will know to look for.
If you try to fix the symptoms yourself, you may end up looking at costlier damage in the future. A qualified professional will also offer you a detailed diagnostic report that includes suggestions about addressing your other plumbing needs.

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2. It’s a more efficient process with more effective tools

The time, effort, and energy you’ll expend trying to fix plumbing problems yourself isn’t worth the money you’ll save. In fact, you may end up making the problem more expensive to fix, because you don’t have the specialized equipment to get the job done.

Trust the tool belt of your plumbing professional, who’s already paid for the expensive equipment needed to get the job done quickly and effectively.

3. Professional training is a huge plus

Not only does he have the tools, he knows how to use ‘em. A qualified plumbing professional has had the training to be able to diagnose and fix a problem.

In addition, manufacturer’s recommendations on things like your washing machine or hot water heater specifically state that only a licensed professional address repairs and maintenance. Your plumber went through four or five years of specialized training to be licensed. It’s always best to trust them.

4. Reduce downtime

How long will a plumbing problem take you to Google an accurate diagnosis, gather your tools, and set to fixing it yourself? Is your family comfortable not using the toilet, or not having running water, or not being able to use your appliances, for the time that it will take you to do so?

Don’t waste your time (or your family’s)! Get your problem diagnosed and fixed within a fraction of the time by calling a licensed plumber.

5. Plumbers are insured

When you try to repair your plumbing yourself, who’s responsible for any additional expenses that you run into when something goes wrong or breaks? You are, of course.

How about when the same thing happens to a plumber? Because they’re licensed and bonded, they’ll take care of those expenses.

6. Sometimes DIY is dangerous

Clearing a clogged toilet is one thing. Fixing your hot water system or your gas water heater is a different thing entirely. Tinkering with a gas water heater could cause an explosion, and electrical water heaters can cause fires when handled improperly.

There are plenty of other dangers, too. Some repairs require the use of a blowtorch, which only a professional should handle. If your home is older and has lead pipes (which were only banned in 1986!), attempting to fix them could cause lead to contaminate your water supply.

Here’s the bottom line

Even the handiest of handymen sometimes need to call in a professional. If fixing your plumbing could end up being an issue of safety, liability, and high cost, there’s no reason to try to do it yourself. The sensible thing is just to call the plumber.

Your wife will thank you.